Waterjet Features that Improved Insulation Cutting

Since its inception in the early 2000s, waterjet cutting technology has changed the game for sheet metal shops that cut internal HVAC insulation. Namely, the Lockformer Vulcan® 1600 Fiberglass and Insulation Foam Waterjet Cutting System has cutting features that far exceed plasma cutting technology for HVAC insulation applications. In this post, we'll discuss how the features of the Waterjet that improved the insulation cutting process.

Waterjet Cutting Features for HVAC Internal Insulation

  • The Lockformer Vulcan® 1600 Fiberglass and Insulation Foam Waterjet Cutting System automates the insulation cutting and fabrication process for mechanical contractors. While manual insulation cutting is slow and costly, the Waterjet automatically optimizes the process using advanced software and can make more exact cuts with higher quality and less scrap.
  • The machine will cut up to 4″ fiberglass or 2″ foam insulation at a maximum positioning speed of 3,000 IPM.
  • Cutting insulation with an automated Waterjet reduces the safety hazards of working with fiberglass by reducing manual handling of the product and implementing a cleaner process.
  • The high pressure system makes incredibly clean cuts in insulation materials, improving end product quality and further reducing scrap and waste material.


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