Webinar: How Prefabrication Can Enhance Your Sheet Metal Workflows

Trimble Mestek Machinery Prefabrication Webinar

Are you on the path to prefab? Join us to hear from industry experts, Mestek Machinery’s Michael Bailey and Trimble’s Ron King, for a webinar to learn how investing in prefabrication can be incredibly beneficial to your business. They’ll take you through the basics of prefabrication and how to work towards prefabricating with project deliverables to save time, improve efficiency, and reduce waste.

What is prefabrication and what effect does it have on your sheet metal workflows? For the last few years prefabrication has been the hot button topic for industry experts and many sheet metal contractors are trying to incorporate prefabrication workflows into their processes.

In this webinar, we’ll cover the basics of prefabrication and its benefits, including:

  • How to change the culture within your company to focus more on fabrication
  • Making the transition from single-trade fabrication to multi-trade fabrication
  • The payoffs of shifting labor from the field to the shop
  • Learn more about the design to fabrication workflow
  • How prefabrication will benefit timelines & schedules
  • The effects a controlled environment has on fabrication
  • How reducing tenured employees in the field will help to optimize their time and skills
  • How prefabrication can support better quality deliverables

Join us live as we sit down with two industry experts as they walk us through what prefabrication is and how it can improve the efficiency of Sheet Metal workflows, followed by answers to your questions to help guide you through the path to prefabrication.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best.

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