New Technology that Drew Interest at AHR Expo 2019

If you have ever attended an AHR Expo, you know that there is no shortage of new technology to see year after year from all of the top players in the HVAC industry. This year’s AHR Expo in Atlanta, Georgia was certainly no different. What was different; however, was the new technology on display in the Mestek Machinery booth.

An all-new laser table

One of two pieces of new technology that Mestek Machinery had to offer AHR 2019 is the Laser-Max 1.5. This laser cutting system consistently drew crowds throughout all three days of the show, sparking great interest in this newly updated product. The Laser-Max provides minimal kerf as well as 4-axis controls which makes it possible to cut intricate patterns if necessary. While crowds often confused it with a plasma table, there is no confusing the speed and precision of this product with anything else on the market.

A better way to insert corners

Mestek Machinery at AHR 2019 – Day 2 from Mestek Machinery on Vimeo.

The other piece of new tech that Mestek Machinery brought to AHR Expo 2019 is the Cornermatic Combo – the newest evolution of the Cornermatic family of products.  Since the introduction of the Cornermatic Combo, our customers have seen dramatic decreases in the time and effort it takes to seal seams and insert the corners on straight pipe. Mestek Machinery’s Dave Pedersen says “you’re taking a piece that typically would take about four minutes to do; we’re doing it in about 45 seconds, completely automated.” Products like this can save shop owners space in their shops as well as time spent manually hammering in corners and closing seams.