Recent updates to the Cornermatic Combo Version 2

Recent updates have been made to the Cornermatic Combo to improve the user experience as well as increase efficiency for corner production.

cornermatic II whisperloc combo finished corners

The Cornermatic II – Whisper-Loc Combo is a unique, innovative machine that not only inserts and crimps corners into both ends of ductwork but closes longitudinal Pittsburgh seams on the same ductwork when required. This design allows the operator to accomplish both corner insertion and seam closing on one machine without having to handle the ductwork between processes.  After four years of equipment in the field, we are glad to announce some recent updates to the machine, which include:

  • Clamp and crimp arm pivots bushed to ensure long-term and high volume use
  • Upper and lower push cylinders have redesigned for longevity.
  • Controller stops any movement when a corner is not inserted.
  • Sleeves have been redesigned to firmly position corners when inserting to the duct.
  • Tabs have been added to the upper magazine for repeatable feeding of corners.
  • Feed assemblies have been updated to improve longevity of upper and lower feed cylinders.
  • Redesigned column construction from fabrication to CNC machining for improved parallelism and perpendicularity.

Additionally, to ensure correct and efficient usage of the machine– all Cornermatic Combo orders now include one day of training.