Mestek Machinery at AHR 2018 – Laser-Max 1.5


If you missed the previous post in our AHR 2018 blog series, you can find it here.

The next evolution in the Vulcan cutting systems is the Laser-Max 1.5. A premier fiber laser cutting system designed to be the top of the line in its industry, the Laser-Max 1.5 creates a clean cut with minimal heat affected zone on the cut edge. This means that parts coming off the machine will cause less wear to downstream fabrication equipment. Plus, minimal kerf combined with 4-axis controls enable the cutting of intricate patterns, so that any job is possible. Beyond that, the Laser-Max 1.5 is also the only coil fed fiber laser cutting table on the market.

  • Laser cutting uses less heat – edges are not hardened leading to less wear and tear on other machinery
  • Exclusive Patent – pending technology allows operator to access parts directly from the table and eliminates need for a pallet shuttle system
  • Coil feeding made easy as full table enclosure is eliminated –  Laser-Max 1.5 can be sheet or coil fed
  • Running speed up to 1,400 inches/minute on thinner materials (26ga)
  • All rack and pinion 4-axis (2-y, 1-x, 1-z) controlled. Z is servo driven with automatic torch height


You can find our booth at AHR 2018 here:

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