Look Before You Leap: Building an HVAC Fabrication Business

Look Before You Leap. That familiar warning we all know so well, has been around for centuries, ever since the days of Ancient Greece, and there is every sign that this expression will continue to be popular as our world continues to unfold. If nothing else, the risks inherent in technology development, sheet metal bending brakes included, are certain to ensure its permanence.

Take HVAC, for example, and the vital importance of planning carefully when getting your business started or expanded.  Mistakes made at the outset can be very costly, no question. Look Before You Leap is mandatory. Here are just a few of the matters that need close attention beforehand if you are going to improve your chances of success:

Shop Size

Make sure the dimensions of your shop are going to accommodate your machinery for efficient workflow. Not only at start-up, but 3-5 years down the road, at minimum. You don’t want to be starting up twice too many times. Yes, you might be lucky and grow exponentially but, if so, you’ll be able to afford a new shop!

Shop Layout

In addition to the size, the design of your shop floor for maximum efficiency is of paramount importance, of course. “Continuous flow” is the buzzword. This calls for thinking ahead about how and where to place brakes, tubing, ductwork, cutters and bends, etc. to produce a smooth workflow. But that’s not all. Metal bending requires operators, and they need to be placed efficiently, and safely too.

Shop Environment

Ironically, the temperature effects of air, heat and water can easily be forgotten when creating or updating an efficient HVAC shop. Ignoring these elements can be perilous, and leave your shop’s utility bill at an all-time high. Instead, be proactive. Although we’re sure you know your stuff, here are two tips:

  1. Reduce heat loss in an HVAC system’s air distribution system to produce useful energy efficiency gains.
  2. Make ducts smoother to reduce surface friction, and try to keep their length to a minimum for further benefit.

Rely On Roto-Die

The HVAC world offers promising opportunities, but are you ready to take the plunge or, if already in business, take your system to a higher level?

If so, we’d recommend that you consider Roto-Die.  With our 45 years of experience and our unique hydraulic sheet metal bending brakes, we are regarded as an industry standard in HVAC and metal fabrication shops throughout the United States.

In fact, we have even more to offer than our powerful line of metal-bending tools and accessories. We know the industry inside-out – the pluses and minuses – and we’re happy to contribute our in-depth knowledge and viewpoints to fellow fabrication professionals. Please feel free to contact us at any time with machine inquiries or other business questions.

Just remember to Look Before You Leap, enabling you to overcome all challenges in advance and give you another “HVAC:” Harmony Versus Absolute Chaos!