Key Takeaways from the HVAC & MEP Webinar Hosted by SNIPS

Mestek Machinery and Trimble sponsored a joint webinar hosted by SNIPS Magazine on April 18, 2019, to guide viewers through creating a successful workflow and the use of interoperability between software and hardware for business use.

If you missed the webinar, here are some key takeaways:

  1. The Digital Transformation in Construction is Picking Up Speed
    • We are beginning to see more wearable technology on job sites
    • Many firms are hiring data scientists to find possible gaps that could be replaced by technology to make up for the ongoing labor shortage
  2. By instilling a process that connects top-of-line technology, historical data, and the job site, this can create a seamless workflow that works in any situation.
  3. Trimble and Mestek go on to talk about solutions through software that creates “accurate constructible models” to manage content, which results in precision.