Custom Machine for Filter Manufacturer provides Automation

A manufacturer of filtration products in Missouri sought a custom machine to automate their processes. Mestek Machinery’s Iowa Precision team was on the job.

The manufacturer’s current process was requiring too much time and labor– cutting expanded mesh manually into an hourglass shape and then wrapping it to make a funnel/cone shape. The process was being done completely by hand.

Our custom Iowa Precision Coil Processor automated the slitting process for them, saving time and labor costs for the customer. The below video shows the result of our collaboration and the machine that improved the manufacturer’s processes.

There is a lot of value to be found in automating processes that currently are done by hand. Sometimes, manufacturers who make products that are unique may shy away from automation because they fear that the quality of the product will suffer. As part of Mestek Machinery, Iowa Precision’s team is comprised of engineers who wish to make life easier for their customers. We were sure to make sure that the process they had been doing completely by hand was not just made easier by the slitting process automation, but that they quality of the end product was even more consistent due to the standard size pieces cut by our machine.