Buying American Products Has A Big Impact

It is becoming increasingly important to support American made goods. Made in America is more than just a slogan. Supporting American businesses reinforces the strength of local economies and communities, and reinforces our country from the inside out. There are numerous reasons why it’s important for us to support American made products, so here’s a quick list of why we should buy products Made in America.

pro-fabriduct being used in a sheet metal shop for duct fabricationJob Creation and Retention

Purchasing products made in America creates and saves jobs in the United States for current generations, as well as future ones to come. The more money that is invested in buying American made products, the more money goes back into the manufacturing sector, increasing the number of jobs. Jobs shipped overseas rarely return, so buying products made in the USA keeps jobs here and the economy growing.

Stronger Economy

When American manufacturers prosper, they hire American services like construction companies, accounting firms, and energy suppliers. It is estimated that every American manufacturing job supports an additional 1.4 jobs in other parts of the economy.

Quality of Goods

The term “Made in America” speaks of high quality, excellent craftsmanship, and superior product. American made products are sought after around the world for a reason.

Working Conditions

We can’t uphold labor laws and standards, ensure payment of minimum wages, and proper working conditions in accordance with US labor laws on imported goods from abroad. Buying American goods not only supports American manufacturers, but also American workers, safe working environments, and child labor laws.

Better for the Environment

American manufacturing processes are friendlier for the environment than foreign suppliers. Buying products from American manufacturers that operate with eco-friendly practices provide for a cleaner, renewable, and safer environment.

Did you know…

In the 2018 calendar year, 96% of the products that Mestek Machinery sold were manufactured entirely in the United States? 

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Products made overseas have a higher carbon footprint than American made goods. Buying domestically made products eliminates the need to ship products from across the world saving fossil fuel and reducing the greenhouse gasses emitted. If we invest in American made products that offer lower carbon footprints, we are doing our part to create a cleaner environment for generations to come.

Safety Standards

Many foreign manufacturers have less rigid product safety standards than those in the United States, which threatens the safety of American businesses and consumers. Purchasing American made products can ensure that American consumer protection laws and safety standards are in place.

Lowering Long-Term Costs

Cheaper, foreign-made products are of lower quality and have to be replaced much more frequently. Price tags may be higher for products made in the USA, but the cost per use is actually lower as American goods last longer than foreign made alternates. Buying American made products ensures the quality of goods and longevity, thus reducing the long-term costs.


Other countries do not adhere to the same safety regulations and routine testing by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as we do here in the USA. This lack of safety measure exposes American consumers to many toxic elements. American can feel secure buying American manufactured items knowing that the materials used are not harmful.