Machine Efficiency in Spiral Fittings Fabrication

Improving the efficiency and productivity of your spiral duct and fittings fabrication comes down to choosing the right machines for every step of the process. In general, you can improve the efficiency of your duct fabrication by investing in high-performance machines for a few general steps of the process. In this post, we'll discuss machine efficiency in spiral fittings fabrication during cutting, fastening, and assembly.

Spiral Fittings Fabrication Efficiency Across Stages of Production Cutting

In order to improve efficiency at the cutting stage, you’ll want to look for a plasma machine or laser to cut your gores. There are a few considerations when choosing the best cutter for your operation. A laser cutter provides the fastest cutting times (up to roughly 1200 in. per minute) while plasma cutters are a little slower. If you’re looking for a more high-end option, a fiber laser cutter can also improve efficiency, cut quality, and cleanliness. Both types of machines allow you to download production information directly from the CAM station. This method also produces less scrap to lower costs, leading to greater output with less input with less chance of human error.

Laser Max 1.5 Laser Cutter-1


After rolling the gores, the best quality and safest and fastest option for fastening your product is a stitch welder. With Z bar technology, you can control a quarter inch overlap with no spot welding or riveting, whereas with other processes, you can only control down to a half inch overlap. Z bar technology also makes it easier to load the machine.

Gore Locker-1


For improved productivity, you put the gores together by swedging a with rotary machine. The fastest, most efficient machine to do this is dual-station gore locker. This type of rotary machine is more efficient because you’re able to do a single and double seam on one side and close on the other at the same time. You will save significant production time, meaning you’re able to put out a larger volume of product in the same or shorter amount of time.