Iowa Precision Cornermatic Combo: A Closer Look

Your shop efficiency is closely tied to shop layout and flow. Combining your HVAC duct fitting processes and optimizing product handling are paramount to saving time as well as space in your shop. With the Cornermatic II Whisper-Lock Combo, your operators can accomplish both corner insertion and seam closing on one machine without having to handle the ductwork between processes.

Key Stats

Capacity: 16 to 26 (.062" to .022")
Coil Width: 60" ± 1/8" (1524 mm ± 3.2 mm)
Mild Steel Only
Flange Type:
Transverse Duct Connector (TDC) and/or Transverse Duct Flange (TDF)
Speed: Approximately 2.5 seconds per corner
Length: 30-1/2"
Width: 34"
Height: 96"
Weight: 1,800 lbs.

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Getting to Know the Iowa Precision Cornermatic Combo

The Cornermatic II Whisper-Lock Combo is a pneumatically operated machine that not only inserts and crimps corners into both ends of ductwork but closes longitudinal Pittsburgh seams on the same ductwork when required. For ductwork that uses the transverse duct connector (TDC) or transverse duct flange (TDF) method of joining, the Cornermatic Combo, eliminates the need for multiple machines. The unit automatically places a corner piece into a corner on each end of the duct and crimps them securely and permanently into place.

The combination of functions on the Cornermatic Combo saves not only time but also space on your shop floor, making this machine a powerhouse of capabilities as well as an ideal choice for shops of all sizes.

Cornermatic Combo

The seam closing on the Cornermatic Combo is powered by an electric motor and gearbox using a Variable Frequency Drive. The machine requires only compressed air and 460/3/60 current to operate. It will close the Pittsburgh seam as well as insert corners on any ductwork that uses the duct flanges conforming to T25-a or T25-b under the Duct Construction Standards. It will also close the Pittsburgh seam on ductwork that uses the raw edge or slip and drive method.

Specially designed corners for automation are quickly loaded into the magazines from the shipping cartons. The corners come oriented and stacked in the carton for quick and easy loading. The Cornermatic Combo is capable of utilizing standard StrapPak corners.™


See the Iowa Precision Cornermatic Combo at AHR Expo 2024

The Iowa Precision Cornermatic Combo, along with 8 more of Mestek Machinery's top sheet metal fabricating machines, will be set up for live demonstrations throughout the 2024 AHR Expo on January 22 to 24, 2024 at the McCormick Center in Chicago, IL.

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