Iowa Precision Coil Feed Machine: A Closer Look

To maximize cutting productivity and meet the demands of a growing trend in the HVAC duct construction industry, Iowa Precision created its Coil Feed system to eliminate the need to load material by hand. The Coil Feed was designed for hands-off upload and reloading of coil production.

Here's how the Iowa Precision Coil Feed Machine for Plasma and Laser Cutting Tables can maximize cutting productivity in your HVAC duct fabrication operations.

 Key Stats

Max Speed: 65 ft per minute
Max Width Capacity: 60"
Max Gauge Capacity: 16 gauge
Length: 13' 4" (for 2 uncoilers)
Width: 77"
Height: 26' 8" (for 4 uncoilers)
Passline: 32.5"
Weight: 3,900 lbs. (for 2 uncoilers) 
7,800 lbs. (for 4 uncoilers)

IPI_Plasma Coil Feed_new

Getting to Know the Iowa Precision Coil Feed

The features of the Coil Feed are designed for productivity and labor savings first with the versatility to suit your unique operational needs.

The machine is comprised of a drive motor and a series of rolls to feed and remove coil set from the material. The operator uses a switch to advance the material, allowing the operator to feed the material to the proper location along the table.

The Coil Feed can be paired with either plasma or laser-cutting tables for cut-off of the sheet length. However, an optional shear cut-off system is also available. The machine can be outfitted with either a coil overfeed or underfeed system depending on your operation.

Productivity and savings can be further increased with the addition of the beading option. Down-bead or up-bead patterns can be rolled into the coil as it is being fed onto the cutting table.

IPI_Vulcan Plasma Coil Feed 250wx120h

The Coil Feed is a complete hands-off technology once coils are loaded. The E-Z load, one-man operation system further reduces material handling and increases ease of use as well as operator safety.

As well as hands-off technology, the Coil Feed offers significant savings in both material and labor costs. Coil fed systems in general provides lower material costs versus sheet stock production. Uploading coil stock vs handling sheet stock also offers significant labor savings. At the same time, the Coil Feed provides a reduction in scrap material.

Finally, material utilization is completely optimized when cutting from coil especially when operating a 20’ table.

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