Improving Spiral Duct Fabrication with Integrated Software

Finally, today’s top spiral duct fabrication equipment is designed to work with your software. Acquiring the right seamless integration of shop detail drawing (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software is critical in the process in delivering a quality product to the shop and field. In this post, we'll discuss how machinery with integrated software improves spiral duct and fittings fabrication.

Integrated Software for Spiral Duct Machinery

A feature to look for is an industrial, solid-state PLC touch screen operating system controller with storage recall. The ability to store and recall designs means you’re able to changeover quickly to put out more product that you’ve made before.

Additionally, CAM software optimizes the job to save the most material. Instead of having the operator input the production manually, it’s automated to ensure you are getting the most efficient result. The office CAM station personnel will input the job and then download to the machine which will optimize material and save time. All together, this technology enhances the opportunity to eliminate human error and to reduce labor costs.