Improving Spiral Duct and Fitting Product Quality

Of course, productivity and safety are important, but if your machine can’t produce high quality end products, those benefits are more or less negated. Therefore, you’ll also need to look for a machine that that provides quality pieces in a consistent manner which helps in the downstream process and field installation. One of the best indicators of a machine that can produce quality products is automation. In this post, we'll explain how machine automation improves spiral duct and fitting product quality.

Automation and Machine Features for Higher Quality in Your Products

Gore Locker-1

By taking manual steps out of the process and replacing them with automated procedures that can be finely tuned and replicated precisely, the best machines and put out consistent products with few to n defects, even at high operating speeds. The best coil lines on the market can eliminate up to 10 manual steps from a more traditional duct and fitting fabrication process. The more streamlined and automated your process is, the smaller chance there is for malfunction or error.

Choosing a laser cutter is a good investment not only for its production speed but also for cut quality and non-hardened edges. Using a standing seam for better quality gored elbow, which is the strongest type, made with a gore locker can also significantly improve the quality of your finished product.