How to Automate Duct Manufacturing

IPI Pro Fabriduct with In-Line Plasma Cutting

One of the greatest threats to productivity, quality, and efficiency in the duct shop is human element. There are solutions in order to improve costs both material and labor which can save you time, money, and produce better deliverables for the field. Automating your duct manufacturing process with the Iowa Precision Pro-Fabriduct™ Full Coil Line with In-Line Plasma is the optimal way to avoid human error and increase production speed and efficiency on the shop floor.

When producing rectangular duct, incorporating multiple production stages into the coil line cuts down on runtime and changeovers, increasing productivity overall. The Pro-Fabriduct™ was designed with full in-line automation for exactly this purpose. Here are a few of the advantages of using the Iowa Precision Pro-Fabriduct™ to automate your duct manufacturing operations.

  • In-line plasma cutting removes human error in cutting access doors, taps, and collars while also eliminating steps from your fabrication process. See a hole; put a collar in it.
  • The Pro-Fabriduct™ is ideal for welded duct production. Keep your welders underneath their helmet.
  • 14Ga Capabilities in order to produce up to 18Ga Stainless Steel Welded Duct.
  • The Punchmaster Tie Rod Hole Program with Damper Hole Production is also built into the coil line for automated punching. See a hole put a rod in it.
  • Offers automated, hands-off changeover for longitudinal seam production.
  • Helps open the door to prefabrication, a growing trend in the HVAC industry.

When you're looking to improve productivity and the quality of your finished ducts, please explore the Iowa Precision Pro-Fabriduct™ and its features and benefits. With the Pro-Fabriduct™ from Iowa Precision as your automated coil line solution, you can enhance labor savings and increase your profits while reducing labor cost.