How Efficient Sheet Metal Shop Flow Improves Safety

Most sheet metal contractors know that having an efficient shop floor layout can lead to increased labor savings as well as product quality and profitability. However, another effect of an optimized shop layout that might not initially come to mind is improved safety. Here's how a sheet metal shop with good flow can be safer for everyone.

Safety and Shop Floor Layout

Once you understand how much space you have to work with, spreading out your machines in such a way that people aren’t handling sheet metal. When you reduce the handling of sharp product coming off your machines, you reduce the risk of injury and improve safety.

Ergonomics is another concern. Contractors are making an effort to configure machinery in a way that gets operators off the floor and working on table tops. We want to prevent operators from being on their knees or constantly bending over in order to avoid long-term injury and health issues.

These improved organization and safety measures elongates the career of your labor pool. An operator could work 3, 4, 5, 6 more years versus retiring because their bodies are in better shape. By introducing smart shop floor layout design as well as automated machines that limit handling of materials and product, operators can continue working much longer than they would with old manual processes.