Engel Transverse Duct Flange (TDF) T25B Rollformers: A Closer Look

Compared to conventional slip-on flange seam closing processes, Engel's TDF rollformers allow your operators to save both time and labor for both fittings and straight duct applications. Learn how Engel Transverse Duct Flange (TDF) T25B Rollformers improve productivity by roll forming seal-able flanges on transverse duct joints.

Key Stats

16ga Model

Capacity: 16-24 gauge mild steel
22 gauge for optional clip rolls
Speed: 50-60 ft/min
No. of Forming Stations: 16
Shaft Diameter: 1-11/16"
Dimensions: 141” L x 32” W x 45” H


Getting to Know the Engel Transverse Duct Flange T25B Rollformers

Engel TDF T25B Rollformers feature patented TDF Rolls that produce flange on the machine’s left-hand auxiliary and have unique snap-in corners. These rollformers, available in both 18ga and 16ga models, are the only transverse duct flange machines on the market certified to comply with SMACNA Duct Construction Standard (DCS) T-25b based on actual laboratory tests across the full range of water gauges. Optional rolls are also available for the clip. 

To see the difference in speed and labor savings between the Engel TDF and convention slip-on flange, check out this demo video.

See the Engel TDF T25B Rollformer at AHR Expo 2024

The Engel TDF T25B Rollformer 16ga, along with 8 more of Mestek Machinery's top sheet metal fabricating machines, will be set up for live demonstrations throughout the 2024 AHR Expo on January 22 to 24, 2024 at the McCormick Center in Chicago, IL.

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