Mestek Machinery Still Satisfies Pandemic Needs With Virtual Installs

Apollo Sheet Metal recently completed installation of a Lockformer Vulcan 1600 Waterjet Cutting System at their shop located in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and current travel restrictions, there were valid concerns about the start-up staff being able to cross the border into Canada to set-up the equipment. Mestek Machinery assured Apollo Sheet Metal they would be provided with a local technician in the area who was accustomed with the equipment.

A local technician, who was already familiar with Apollo Sheet Metal’s shop inside and out, was assigned to the set-up of the Vulcan water jet table. Apollo Sheet Metal was able to ask the technician questions regarding air, water, drains, clearances, and more before the delivery date. This pre-planning allowed Apollo Sheet Metal to unload, place, and have the equipment up and running on the second day. Any questions and support required by the technician and Apollo Sheet Metal were answered quickly and handled virtually by the sales and service team at Mestek Machinery and its Lockformer experts. The installation process was smooth and free of problems. Apollo Sheet Metal Project Manager, Jeremy Hallman said “For anyone concerned about remote setup in these unusual times, I can attest to the fact that the process is simple with the right people and product.”

The pictures are of the Lockformer Vulcan 1600 Waterjet Cutting System on the trailer, the completed setup, and some of the insulation cuts. One photo features recycle denim insulation that was used for vertical fan coils. The denim material can be tough to cut, but the Lockformer Vulcan 1600 Waterjet Cutting System cuts it beautifully.



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